Why use Corrugated over Chipboard?

why-corrugatedWhy use Corrugated Boxes versus Chipboard Boxes?

Corrugated should be your packaging material of choice, if you are shipping a bulkier product that requires strength and durability. It’s also a good option if you aren’t concerned about appearance, as corrugated boxes can appear rougher and less neat than chipboard boxes.

Corrugated boxes come in a variety of different styles, including regular slotted, full overlap and telescope top & bottom. Their thickness and rigidity can be tailored, allowing you to alter your boxes to precisely fit your product.

One of RDR’s regular customers is a company that bags and ships grass seed; they require packaging that allows them to box up several bags of grass seed at one time, and ship it safely. We recommended corrugated boxes for this purpose as it is extremely strong and sturdy; a chipboard box simply wouldn’t give the same level of protection under these circumstances.regular-slotted-carton-corrugated-box

Ultimately, the corrugated box is best suited to the shipping of large, bulky products. The chipboard box, on the other hand, is ideal for showcasing a product, particularly as it can be printed with up to eight different colours.

Why is Corrugated material used for Shipping Trays instead of Chipboard material?

A shipping tray is a flat sheet with four lips around the outside, folded up to make a shallow barrier at the sheet’s edges. These trays are used to provide extra protection to products during shipping.  Using corrugated material removes the risk of puncture from wood splinters or nails – which can happen when you ship on wooden pallets.

Corrugated shipping trays can be used in a number of different ways, but they are particularly popular with companies working in the food industry. The lips provide extra protection to the product during transit, which is very useful with soft, fragile goods.

corrugated_traysAt RDR, we only supply shipping trays made from corrugated material, and not chipboard since corrugated provides the best combination of strength and flexibility.

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