Sustainable Packaging that’s Good for the Planet – and your Bottom Line.

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Food Grade Packaging, Integrated Packaging Solutions

The future of packaging is here – and it’s Green.

As our oceans and landfills become clogged with non-biodegradable plastic debris, responsible food companies are stepping up to help save the planet with alternative solutions in packaging.  Whether they’re shipping grain to other continents or selling fresh produce to local grocers, many of them have introduced sustainable packaging which is good for the planet – and good for their bottom line.  With global demand for eco-friendly packaging expected to reach approximately $400 million by 2024 with a compound annual growth rate slightly above seven percent, it’s clear that companies who adopt sustainable processes are in a position to gain greater market share. Are you one of them?

Ventura Foods Canada is. In its recent Corporate Responsibility Report, the company reveals that it has been steadily reducing the waste it generates, as well as the water and energy it uses, for some time. It’s a leading manufacturer of custom and branded dressings, sauces, condiments, emulsified products and more. And we are proud to offer the company our sustainable packaging products.

We echo what Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says: “Clean technology must be part of the solution to plastic pollution. ”RDR Packaging is right in there, helping its clients address plastic pollution with its sustainable packaging products for “a zero plastic waste future.”

A few months ago, Canadian Packaging noted that “the key challenge for brand owners – particularly in the food industry – is producing new packaging materials without sacrificing the security, freshness, appeal and visibility of the product inside.”

We are proud of one of our valued suppliers, Cascades, which recently introduced a new product that delivers on this front. Cascades recently won accolades for its innovative cardboard tray that’s 100% recycled and recyclable. This fresh food tray is the first in North American to use a water-based, functional barrier that protects it from humidity, thereby enhancing the packaging’s performance without making the cardboard less recyclable. The patented coating is a unique recyclable and compostable alternative to the traditional wax or plastic-based applications widely used in cardboard food packaging, which pose some challenges in terms of recyclability.

When you are thinking of going green, but aren’t sure about the impact on your company, here are a couple of benefits of sustainable packaging to consider:

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint and boost sales.
    Implementing sustainable materials and processes reduces negative impacts on the environment. Once you switch to sustainable packaging you capitalize on your brand’s corporate responsibility in being environmentally-focused directly on your packaging.
  2. Sustainable packaging can also reduce the use of valuable resources. The use of sustainable packaging can also play a role in the amount of energy it takes to package a product or make the actual packaging itself. It can reduce solid waste, water usage, electricity and emissions.
  3. The sustainability mindset saves space and money. Sustainable packaging, triggers creative ways to become more efficient with space, allowing you to ship more while reducing freight costs.
  4.  It’s non-toxic. Most biodegradable packaging options are non-toxic and allergy free. More and more people are concerned with what materials their products are packaged and potential harm to their health and well-being.

At RDR Packaging we’re always on the lookout for ways to help our clients with their bottom line. It’s not just about offering the best packaging solutions. It’s bigger than that for us.

We want to be part of their success and help position them as responsible industry leaders. One way in which we believe we can help is by offering a range of cost-effective, highly functional eco-friendly packaging solutions that add true value while protecting the environment including integrated packaging, chipboard and corrugated packaging and totes. Here are just a few of our wide range of solutions:

Chipboard boxes and folding cartons
Our chipboard boxes and folding cartons are sourced from recycled materials. Custom designed, they are ideal for showcasing your product or simply protecting it during shipping.

Tier divider sheets
It’s all about reduce, reuse and recycle. A lighter and cheaper option to corrugated tier sheets, our chipboard tier divider sheets save you money, space and time. They’re sourced from eco-friendly papers mills that don’t ever use unsafe materials and chemicals.

Anti-Slip Sheets
Our chipboard anti-slip sheets are easy to use, reuse – and recycle! Offering superior stabilization, these sheets are perfect for shipping heavy or fragile units.

Push-Pull Slip Sheets
Our efficient and eco-friendly push-pull slip sheets store and ship easily and are an affordable alternative to wooden pallets.

Chipboard Pads
These flat pieces of chipboard offer an extra layer of protection for all kinds of product packaging and are created with sustainability in mind.

For more cost-effective and efficient eco-packaging solutions, contact us today and we’ll show you how our packaging can boost your business.


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