Becoming an eco-friendly company can be easy and affordable when you join forces with RDR Packaging.

We are a leader in cost-effective and efficient sustainable packaging solutions and have worked with many companies to deliver packaging results that save time and money – helping them gain winning reputations as eco-champions.


The five pillars of our sustainability program

  1. We are driven by our profound respect for the environment and for contributing to healthy communities, clean air, ample natural resources, and a healthy world in which to raise families.
  2. Our products use the highest grade of materials sourced only from companies that adhere to strict codes of sustainability and share our commitment to the environment.
  3. Our operations embrace the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away and offer insights to our customers on how they can do likewise.
  4. Educating our customers on the best way to reduce their carbon footprint while growing their business is important to us. We customize our solutions to help them achieve their goals.
  5. We promote the use of sustainable, non-toxic and allergen free materials to ensure your customers trust your brand’s safety and security.

Our eco-friendly process: the three R’s of sustainability – recycle, reuse, reduce

We source recycled materials. Our cardboard comes from two reputable paper and pulp mills: Sonoco Corporation and Cascades. Like us, they are committed to sustainable practice and use recycled paper fibres, adhering to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a globally recognized guide for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance. Some, like Cascades, are certified by Green Seal, LEED, and ECOLOGO® and have qualified for FSC® Certification, meeting topmost standards on eco-friendly forest products.

We reuse cardboard. These same trusted suppliers buy used cardboard and break it down into pulp which they process into large rolls of brand-new cardboard. The RDR team transforms the rolls into chipboard sheets and pads – the two staples of our packaging service.

We reduce waste. At the end of production, unwanted material is sent for recycling, ensuring that no cardboard goes to waste.

Products that can get you started on your eco-journey

RDR Packaging tier sheets are a great environmentally friendly option if you want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. This is particularly true when it comes to our chipboard tier divider sheets. Because of the strength and durability of chipboard, it can be used in a more cost-effective and space-saving manner.

Recycled chipboard and corrugated cardboard are sustainably produced, sending your customers a powerful eco-message on your RDR packaging which we’ve tailor-made just for you. We buy recycled cardboard from Sonoco and Cascades in large rolls, and transform this material into our chipboard and corrugated cardboard for a range of products, including our anti-slip sheets which protect your product from slipping and falling.

Meeting the requirements of Canada’s new legislative ban on single use plastics

We meet all the requirements of Canada’s new legislative ban on single use plastics, which was initiated in 2022. And we’re taking it one step further by introducing GRIP FIX™ an environmentally friendly product that replaces plastic wrap.

And there’s so much more. Our trained and knowledgeable experts will work with you on customized and cost-effective solutions for all your packaging needs. Contact us for more information.



Ventura Foods Canada

Our eco-friendly chipboard pads have proved useful for companies across many different industries. Recently, we helped solve a packaging problem for Ventura Foods Canada, a leading manufacturer of custom and branded dressings, sauces, condiments, emulsified products and other delicious taste enhancing ingredients. They needed a way to separate individual sauce packets – like those you get in fast food places, into layers in a box. It was really important for them to protect the product during shipping. And because they are an eco-conscious company, they came to us, looking for the most cost-effective, sustainable and efficient product on the market. Different sizes of chipboard were the answer. And it worked well. Last year alone, they used over 3.4 million pads– all of it is recyclable. The RDR team worked out a way of supplying chipboard pads to this company at a fantastic price compared to what they would have paid elsewhere; saving them thousands of dollars a year!

If you’re interested in our chipboard pads or are looking for other packaging, contact RDR Packaging to help you to you find the best solutions that suit your needs and your budget.

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