Protecting food products for worldwide packaging and distribution in the time of COVID-19

by | May 4, 2020 | Integrated Packaging Solutions, Food Grade Packaging

As the world grapples with ever-evolving uncertainties surrounding COVID 19, many retailers and manufacturers have recognized the pivotal role they play in health and safety. This is particularly true in the food packaging industry.

Consumer anxieties are at an all time high. We’ve all seen the run on products across Canada, with packages of toilet paper taking on a currency-like status and boxes of hair dye literally flying off the shelves. And in the wake of this, the consumer confidence index has plummeted.

Beyond basic food safety in packaging, grocery shoppers now have the added worry that corona virus may live on their cereal boxes and coffee beans. The good news is that scientists suggest there’s only a very minor chance you will contract the virus from food packaging – its more likely to happen from person to person contact. As people queue up to stockpile foods, secure packaging has become a critical line of defense in the global distribution of safe consumer goods.

It has never been more important for companies to ensure they protect their food products for world wide packaging and distribution. And there’s a bonus in doing so. A BDC study says that companies which adapt their products to a growing wave of consumer health concerns are likely to generate positive reactions from customers and position themselves favourably in the marketplace. In short, investing in packaging that meets the highest standards of food safety may work in your favour, in terms of your company’s reputation and profitability – packaging like our woven polypropylene bulk bags and tote bags that we supply to leading Canadian consumable goods.

BRC sets globally recognized standards for food safety

Taking up the call, companies such as our customer, Griffith Foods, have committed themselves to food safety and the highest standards of quality. As a leading ingredients supplier in Canada and to the rest of the world, they use a global network of affiliates to create customized flavour profiles. Their manufacturing location in Canada is BRC (British Retail Consortium) Food Certified which means they meet BRC’s globally recognized standards for food safety. BRC sets stringent guidelines for food packaging that protects the consumer and certifies companies that supply packaging to food producers.

For Griffith Foods, their BRC certification augments the company’s own strict safety and quality programs. It’s important to note that as part of their process chain, they prefer to work with products that meet BRC high standards. At RDR Packaging, we are proud to be an important link in that chain, supplying Griffith Foods with totes that have been certified to meet BRC food safety standards. We carefully sourced these totes, paying close attention to how they were produced and distributed through the extrusion, weaving, lamination, cutting, printing, stitching/sealing processes and all the way to how they were packed for distribution. It’s the same attention to detail that we apply to all of our integrated packaging solutions, from tote bags to corrugated boxes and more.

So why are we committed to these high standards? It’s because we want to make a positive difference to our clients and to the community. We are vested in their success. It’s what sets us apart.

BRC certified Tote Bags

Our wide variety of tote bags meet rigorous national and international standards for safety in food shipments, including consumable goods like coffee, flour or sugar and other commodities like seeds and fertilizer. We’re proud to say we offer bags that are BRC certified, as well as CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and AIB (American Institute of Bakers) certified. We provide:

  • Seed and Agricultural bulk bags
  • Regular bulk bags for chemicals, powders, grindings etc.
  • Printed one colour or multi-colour bulk bags
  • Bulk bags with plain, fitted and coloured polyethylene liners
  • Through our custom inventory program, we’ll bring in a supply of bags to warehouse and ship when you need them.

They’re made of a woven polypropylene which is safe, clean and extremely cost-effective. They’re also recyclable. Beyond their food safety aspects, our bags have many advantages over rigid containers. They’re relatively light and capable of holding large volumes which means reduced shipping costs since the container weight is included in the cost of transportation. And, their built-in straps make them easier to handle. They also optimize cargo space in ship holds and standardized shipping containers.

In these uncertain times, if you are looking to join the global movement to keep human lives safe while feeding the world and in the process re-igniting consumer confidence, we’ve got the experts to help you. For over 25 years, RDR Packaging has worked to deliver solutions that are efficient and affordable. In fact, we are so deeply committed to your success that we’ll even come on site for a free consultation, to look at your operations and share expert ideas on the best solution for your business. Get in touch with us today!

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