Tote Bags

tote_bagsWhether you need a CFIA or AIB certified tote bag to ship your food products such as coffee, flour or sugar, or you need a tote bag to ship your seeds, fertilizer of powdered chemicals, RDR Packaging can meet all your tote bag needs.

We offer Woven Polypropylene bulk bags/tote bags for all applications including:

Need a large supply of bags but don’t want them taking up valuable warehouse space in your facility? We offer our Custom Inventory Program whereby based on your commitment we will bring in a supply of bags and warehouse and ship them when you need them.

Case Study-inventory program saves valuable warehouse space!

A large food processing customer was unhappy with the quality of their current tote bag and didn’t want to have to store a whole container load of bags in their warehouse.  RDR Packaging devised a fully CFIA certified tote bag to suit their requirements and introduced them to our tote bag inventory program.  The customer loved the new bag and was very pleased to take advantage of the inventory program-now RDR Packaging delivers their totes on an “as needed” basis saving them valuable warehouse space!

Please contact RDR Packaging for more information about our Custom Inventory Program and tote bag applications to suite your needs.

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