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    Other Product Packaging


    RDR Packaging can provide any size and configuration of corrugated box you need, from Regular Slotted Containers and Telescope style boxes, to custom designed die cut corrugated cartons. Boxes can be plain or printed in any flute to meet your specific requirements.

    Pallet wrap

    Need extra protection when shipping your products? RDR Packaging offers single face corrugated pallet wrap in any roll width in standard 250 feet long rolls.


    RDR Packaging can provide any size and configuration of tray-style carton to use for shipping smaller items such as food products, small parts etc.

    Corner Post Edge Protectors

    RDR Packaging provides corner post edge protectors to give you that extra piece of mind when shipping your products. These rigid laminated chipboard edge protectors come in any caliper and length to provide extra load containment and stabilization.

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