packaging distribution centreAt RDR, we’re known for our integrated packaging solutions that can be tailored to suit the needs of each of our clients. We deal with companies of all sizes, who are faced with all kinds of packaging issues. As a result, each project throws up its own unique challenges related to price, space requirements and/or quality.

Working together to save money – and space!

On one recent occasion, we collaborated with another packaging company to solve an issue of price and space. A client approached our president and owner Ian Ray with a request; this packaging company had a customer of its own who was using chipboard tier sheets and seeking a better price. We solved this pricing issue, and at the same time helped to free up storage space, by supplying a slightly thinner chipboard tier divider sheet, which would come in under budget while still delivering excellent results.

In this instance, a successful collaboration with another packaging supplier – who might have been considered a competitor in another instance – resulted in happy faces all round.

Barbeque manufacturer achieves a better price and quality on chipboard divider sheets, saving $10,000 a year!

chipboard divider sheetOn another occasion, we helped a major barbeque manufacturer based in Ontario to save money on their packaging costs. At the time they approached Ian, they were using corrugated divider sheets, but felt dissatisfied with the amount of money they were paying. Having heard about the benefits of chipboard packaging, they were keen to make the switch, but were unsure where to start.

We proposed a variety of chipboard sheet thicknesses as an alternative, and the customer eventually settled on one that would provide an appropriate, efficient replacement for their corrugated divider sheets. The chipboard alternative they picked is now saving them 25 cents on each sheet they purchase. On their first order they saved over $1,000; going forward, they can expect to save up to $10,000 per year in packaging costs.

The RDR commitment to food safety & food packaging risk management

When it comes to achieving high quality packaging results, the RDR team is aware that each industry has its own specific demands, which need to be understood to deliver great results. In the case of food manufacturers and suppliers, we’ve come to understand that there needs to be a greater awareness of the risk of food contamination.

One of our customers, a spice blending company, came to us when they discovered that some of their tote bags were poor quality. At that time they were being supplied by a company who had delivered tote bags “literally falling apart at the seams”; the threads were loose as a result of poor stitching, and polypropylene material was finding its way into the spice, posing a major health risk to the customers using their spices.

tote-bag-storage At RDR it’s a different story. Our tote bags are one of our most popular packaging items, because they’re incredibly reliable and high-quality. These strong, woven polypropylene bags have been certified by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)and the AIB (American Baking Institute), which means they have the industry seal of approval.

At the time of writing, we are currently replacing this spice blending company’s poor quality tote bags. To minimize risk even further, our bags have been heat-sealed at the seams to ensure that none of the material comes loose and enters the food. By understanding that a certain level of quality is demanded by companies in the food industry, the RDR team has helped this client to keep their customers happy – and preserved their glowing reputation!

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