chipboard padsHere at RDR, we have to admit, we are packaging nerds. We love nothing better than when a client comes to us with their packaging problems, and we know we can do something really special to help them.

By the time the new solution is in place, the client is truly impressed with the results – and we walk away with a feeling of utter satisfaction!

Deep Insight with ROI

Though many companies will look at the underlying cost of any investment, the Return on Investment, or ROI, is a calculation that offers a far deeper insight into the actual impact any business change can have.

Rather than simply looking at the upfront cost of an investment and working out whether it is affordable, ROI will look at the potential returns that are possible in any change, and the benefit it can bring.

ROI also incorporates quality control, to ensure that your business is not only going to be able to deliver the service required, but that it will do so at a standard that you’re proud to deliver.

Sometimes, You Just Have To Innovate with Chipboard Pads!

Many years ago we had a customer come to us who sold stiffener pads for mailers. The pads themselves needed to be thick enough to stop the mailer from bending, but it also had to be at a low enough price for the client to be able to achieve their own margins when selling the stiffeners on to the retail sector.

But this wasn’t just a case of finding a product with the right price point. This was going to be a huge exercise in product development. We needed to achieve a final outcome of suitable quality while fitting within the overall investment criteria. Of course, we found the solution!

In this particular case, the ideal product was the chipboard pad. These pads can be made in any size required, whether it’s a standard envelope shape or with tailor made dimensions. By selling them in bulk to our client, they were then able to repackage the product, brand it as their own and sell it in smaller units to their end customer.

It was an integrated packaging solution that ensured an effective pricing model, but also real ROI for the client – and for their end users.

At RDR, We Love A Challenge

It’s these ‘wow’ moments that really make our business so fascinating. When we can actually find a solution that has never been considered before and see the positive impact it can have on a business’s viability, it’s an incredible feeling.

Though other companies may opt for the lowest cost option, no matter what the impact on the business, we look at the wider picture, and develop an integrated solution that will work.

We don’t think there is a packaging problem that RDR can’t solve – and we’re always up for a challenge!

If you need support in tackling any type of packaging issue, but want to talk to a company that will look at the overall challenge, rather than just the upfront cost, contact RDR. Book a no-commitment consultancy session, and we’ll be proud to show you how we can improve your ROI.

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