Packaging Toys in Cereal BoxesAt RDR, we’re often approached by clients seeking advice on the tiniest elements of their packaging. While you might think that bigger is better, we’ve come to understand over the years that the devil really is in the detail.

As we discovered recently, when it comes to something like marketing children’s cereals across North America, even the smallest change can make a world of difference…

Mini Chipboard Pads: A Small Change with a Huge Outcome

Recently, RDR Packaging was approached by a brand new client, a promotional company supplying packaging toys and inserts for cereal manufacturers. They had a problem…

We’ve all been there; it’s a Monday morning and instead of getting ready for school, our little ones are digging through their chocolate flakes to find the exciting free toy advertised on the box.

Now, imagine their faces as they find the packaging has been damaged, and the little Disney toy inside is broken. Not an ideal way to start the day, right?

Before approaching us, the promo company had done their research and knew that mini chipboard pads were the solution to this problem. Putting one of these little toys against some chipboard and wrapping it in cellophane would provide the perfect support, preventing damage inside the cereal box. What’s more, it would look great.

Working Out The Finer Details of Packaging Promotional Items

chipboard padsIn this instance, the client came to us knowing more or less what they wanted. Where RDR really made a difference was in consulting on the exact design of these mini chipboard pads. We can offer multiple sizes and calipers of pad  and a variety of materials, including brown chipboard and SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate). But at this point in the process, the client was unsure how to proceed.

What type of material would work best for these cereal box inserts? And what sort of thickness would be appropriate?

While we could have sat with the client and explained their options, we realized that the best thing we could do was put some samples in their hands. We went away and pulled together some pads in a variety of sizes and materials. The client was delighted with the selection, and after some careful thought, decided on a final design and put in an order.

$10,000 a Year in Packaging Savings, and Superb Quality Too!

Once we had finalized the mini chipboard pad, we sat down and hashed out the numbers. After some careful budgeting, we came to the conclusion that we could save this company $10,000 a year in comparison to what they would spend elsewhere – and without compromising on quality.

The client was so delighted with the service (and the savings) that they have since put in repeat orders of up to 11 million chipboard pads at a time. Like we said, sometimes it’s the tiny things that can really make a difference…

If you’re seeking a cost-effective packaging solution for your company and have no idea where to begin, contact RDR’s Ian Ray and see if we can help. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no project too small!

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