chipboard-pallet-sheetsFor many people who approach RDR Packaging, their main objective isn’t to revolutionize their entire delivery operation overnight. They simply want to reduce costs where they can.

Many prospective new clients have an established packaging system that fully meets their requirements, but, thanks to increased competition in the market, savings need to be made.

That is exactly the situation we found ourselves in recently, with a prospective new client, a grouting company.

The Challenge: Making Savings. The Solution: Chipboard Pallet Sheets!

This client came to us, not because of our reputation for innovation or for finding new solutions to packaging problems. They simply wanted to see if they could improve their overall cost structure, and, in turn, be able to pass on some of those savings to their clients in the form of lower prices.

If they could reduce their overall costs to a suitable level, it would then be possible for them to provide more competitively priced tenders to their major clients. This could then increase their business opportunities almost overnight.

As the company were shipping powdered grouting, and a lot of it, chipboard pallet sheets were the ideal solution. The sheets sit between the wooden shipping pallets to provide a high level of protection to the vulnerable product inside. This protection can ensure safe carriage to any location across the world.

Chipboard is the ideal material to stop imperfections in the wooden pallets from piercing the grouting bags. It also provides a barrier against dust and other particles that could contaminate the powder within.

While many companies stick to the traditional 40″ x 48″ pallet sheet, the sizing of this product is incredibly flexible. At RDR Packaging, we provide chipboard pallet sheets in a huge range of sizes and in many varying thicknesses. This ensures that all our clients receive the best possible protection, at the best possible price.

Providing Quality Product and Competitive Pricing

After a short discussion with our potential new client, it was obvious that the current size and thickness of their pallet sheets were exactly what was required for the job. Therefore, nothing needed to be done to improve their current delivery arrangement. But their costs were still spiralling out of control.

However, thanks to our own price efficiencies, we were able to offer the same level of high-quality chipboard pallet sheets to his business, but at a far more competitive price.

A Saving of $10,000 Per Year Equals $100,000 Over 10 Years!

With an estimated annual consumption of 50,000 chipboard pallet sheets, we have calculated that, by moving to us, this grouting company will save nearly $10,000 in packaging costs in the current year alone. As their business continues to expand, we have seen even greater opportunities to streamline their delivery service – and we could do the same for you.

Just because you have the packaging requirements you need, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to RDR for help. By changing the supplier of your packaging materials to us, you could reduce your own costs and make your entire operation more profitable.

It really is a no-brainer; contact Ian Ray at RDR today and see how we can help!

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