GRIP FIX™ palletizing adhesives, a new game changing technology for securing pallet loads

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Integrated Packaging Solutions, GripFix

Pallet wrapping is more complex and costly than you would think – and the stakes are high.
Wrapping pallets means you need to ensure your load is stacked right. If shipping internationally, you need to factor in the extra required wrapping. There’s the cost of insurance, and load instability which can lead to damaged goods or employee injuries – not to mention the cost to the environment of millions of tonnes going to landfill.

At RDR Packaging we’re upping the ante with the introduction of a new breakthrough pallet wrapping alternative. It’s a state-of-the-art palletization system that is both cost effective and eco-friendly.

The system is comprised of a unique GRIP FIX™ adhesive formula and a BAG FIX™ application process that’s ideal for a wide range of pallet loads like polyethylene bags, paper bags, cartons, cellophane-packed items, polypropylene woven bags or small packages.

A revolutionary new approach to load stability

Using the power of friction, the high shear strength of the GRIP FIX™ anti-slip adhesive and its low tensile strength, prevents stacked products from shifting on pallets, minimizing damage and the costs associated with returned goods. It also saves you packaging costs because it reduces your need for stretch film, straps or stretch hoods.

We were amazed by the effectiveness and simplicity of this new technology. It meant that while products gripped solidly where they were placed, they were also easy to lift off – which saved so much time, because workers didn’t need to remove and toss thousands of feet of more costly shrink wrap into garbage bins. Think of the savings in reduced

Convenience and Cost Savings

The special formula is easy to apply using the BAG FIX™ application process which offers customers a choice of easy to install, cost effective automated equipment, or manual application guns for smaller loads. The automated BAG FIX™ system moves goods along a conveyor and applies the adhesive in the form of beads, spray or sponge roll – depending on the type of packaging. GRIP FIX™ comes in a range of container sizes, from 1 kg hand-held bottles through to 1,000 kg containers. The automated BAG FIX™ process is even programmable so that bags on the top layer of your pallet remain free of adhesive. It decreases packaging time and there’s no waste, just convenience and cost savings.

After a short period of drying, the goods cling to each other with an iron grip and stabilize the pallet until they are removed, leaving no unsightly residue on the product packaging. The palletized products are impossible to shift. We gave it our best try and simply couldn’t shift them, even with the force of our whole weight against them. Amazingly, lifting them was a breeze.

With GRIP FIX™ / BAG FIX™ you’ll recover your initial investment in the system in no time.  

GRIP FIX™ Anti-Slip Agent

No Plastic Waste

No Plastic Waste

No Stability Problems

No Stability Problems

No Plastic Waste

Natural Ingredients Water Based & Solvent Free

Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic

Unlike tonnes of plastic wrap that make their way into land fill, the non-toxic GRIP FIX™ formula is biodegradable and has a zero-carbon footprint. Its something to consider, given the Canadian government’s move to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030. GRIP FIX™ gets you ahead of that curve. Its water based, 100% recyclable, transparent and solvent-free and only a small amount is applied on goods before they’re palletized. It’s even suitable for food packaging and is FDA and BGA compliant.

biodegradable compostable recyclable

We found some great examples of companies that became eco-champions with GRIP FIX™

  • Kiesel Bauchemie a producer of adhesives for floor tiling and coverings, fills its product into paper bags, with 42 bags per pallet. Using GRIP FIX™, the company reduced costs while keeping 10 tons of stretch film from landfill each year.
  • In palletizing its Dove brand soap cartons, Unilever was able to keep 14 metric tons of stretch film from landfill. That’s based on a pallet holding 117 cartons and weighing 660kg, and the distribution of 32,000 metric tons of soap per year.
  • French wine producer Caves de Wissembourg, saves about 9 metric tons of stretch film and waste per year, shipping its precious bottles safely secured with GRIP FIX™.

We’ve been in the packaging business for decades and we think the GRIP FIX™ /BAG FIX™ palletization solution is a huge game changer in our industry. And, we’re excited to offer its many advantages to our customers because we think it gives them the winning hand in palletization.

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