GRIP FIX™ Pallet Adhesive

Meeting the new legislative ban on single use plastics

Now offering one of the most advanced, cost-effective & eco-friendly solutions to pallet safety on the market.

Add value to your business and protect your products with the new cost-effective and eco-friendly GRIP FIX™ palletizing adhesives available through RDR Packaging.

It’s a breakthrough anti-skid control system we’re offering that is cost-effective and eliminates the need for stretch wrapping and/or strapping your packaged goods on pallets – while at the same time keeping them secure from shifting, preventing damage, and contributing to employee safety. 

In 2022, the Government of Canada began the roll-out of its much-anticipated ban on single-use plastic products.

Read more about the new government regulations, how GRIP FIX™ is meeting this challenge.

Working with one of the world’s leading experts on pallet shipping, we’re introducing a new era in palletizing safety systems to you.

  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Game changing

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GRIP FIX™ Anti-Slip Agent

No Plastic Waste

No Plastic Waste

No Stability Problems

No Stability Problems

No Plastic Waste

Natural Ingredients Water Based & Solvent Free

Here’s how it works

GRIP FIX™ is a breakthrough adhesive that makes stretch film a thing of the past – and it costs significantly less than shrink film, stretch film or straps.

We apply a powerful yet pliable adhesive that holds your packaging safely and securely in place on pallets and keeps the pallet stable, both in the warehouse and during transit. Even if just one bag sits alone at the top, the stack will not move.

Instead of using tons of plastic wrap – a process that plugs landfill and is detrimental to the environment, our eco-friendly and cost-effective solution works even better in stabilizing your pallet load.

Offering powerful load stability

Pallet load stability is one of the most critical aspects in transporting your products. Poorly stacked or loosely wrapped loads on a pallet can shift during handling and damage your products. Shifts can lead to uneven weight distribution that strains forklifts, risks toppling over and create safety hazards for your employees.

With GRIP FIX™ you can save substantial amounts of money by reducing product loss and overtime costs – not to mention keeping staff safe from injury.

It’s not magic. It’s just smart.

GRIP FIX™ anti-slip agents for pallets are water-soluble, solvent-free adhesives for securing pallet loads and are ideal for propylene bags, paper bags, cartons, cellophane-packed items, polypropylene woven bags or small packages.

The heaviest packaging – like cement bags, or lighter packaging like granulated filled bags or glass bottles in cartons, will not shift. GRIP FIX™ just won’t let go. Meanwhile, these same packages can be easily lifted when its time to unload.

GRIP FIX™ advantages at a glance

  • Shift-free transport of bags
  • Additional security for your pallet loads
  • Reduces costs
  • Prevents mountains of packaging waste
  • Leaves no residue
  • Doesn’t damage packages
  • Environmentally friendly – leaves no residue, biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic, water-soluble
  • Work effort is minimized
  • Reduced damage means lower insurance claims
  • Suitable for foodstuff packaging – it’s compliant with FDA regulations

Take a look at the GRIP FIX™ video

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BAG FIX™ application system

The BAG FIX™ application system coats the pallet loads with the GRIP FIX™ solution before they are palletized. This is done through an automated conveyor system in most cases, although manual application is also available. After minimal drying time, the pallets become stable and remain so until they are unloaded again.

The system adjusts and applies just the right amount of adhesive for a variety of packaging including: paper bags, cartons. polyethylene bags, polypropylene woven bags and trays. It’s a smart, effective system that allows for program adjustment so that bags on the top layer of your pallet remain free of adhesive.

Separately priced from GRIP FIX™, the BAG FIX™ is a one-time purchase which our customers make at a reasonable cost. It’s quickly absorbed by the overall savings they gain from using the system.


We’re so sure you’ll be impressed by this system that we’re offering you a no obligation 6-week trial for both the BAG FIX™ application system and the GRIP FIX™.

We’ll come in, install the system and provide you with the adhesive solution at no cost or risk to you. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just give us a call.

Our packaging experts would love to talk to you about how you can move your business forward with safe, secure transportation solutions like GRIP FIX™.

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