Good packaging can become the sweet spot in distribution and marketing for perishable goods – like donuts!

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Food Grade Packaging, Integrated Packaging Solutions

When looking to expand your business, packaging can mean the difference between success and failure.

This is especially true if your business includes perishables or goods for human consumption. Food safety and product presentation are paramount, so packaging must not only be compliant with regulations, but must adhere to the highest standards, ensuring freshness and attractiveness. Therefore, it’s important to work with a credible company like RDR Packaging who you can trust to deliver high quality, corrugated and chipboard containers for all your food product and other packaging needs. It’s about protecting your business, while protecting your customers – a valuable relationship built on trust between you and your packaging provider.


dragons-den-mini-donuts Recently, we were thrilled to be selected as the trusted supplier of choice for Mini Donut Express, a highly successful bakery that was seen on Dragon’s Den; it’s poised to become an even greater success story and we’re excited to be part of their journey. Since launching in 2008 with a ‘road show’ business model, the company has grown today to offer its variety of delicious mini donuts across Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Greater Toronto – and they’re still expanding! With such phenomenal growth to broader markets, they recognized the importance of proper packaging as essential to ensuring their donuts retained freshness, flavour, shape and texture. This was particularly important to them as they had grown to include such popular retailers as Walmart, Longo’s, Your Independent Grocer, Nofrills and Costco. mini-donut-express-retail-store

Recognizing that donuts are perishable and fragile, RDR knew that the wrong choice of packaging could spell disaster. It is no wonder then that Mini Donut Express turned to RDR. They recognized the value of our integrated packaging as a reliable, cost-effective solution for packaging their donuts for large-scale distribution. Our recommendation included supplying four different sized RSC corrugated boxes that featured the Mini Donut Express brand and logo printed on them.

Corrugated boxes offer optimal efficiency and a range of sizes and thicknesses

For this project, we worked with one of our newest and largest suppliers of corrugated boxes – we are very particular about suppliers that we work with and look to ones that adhere to the highest quality standards and emphasize the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly products. In tandem with our suppliers we provide a full range of packaging solutions in a wide array of storage and shipping boxes, materials and coatings. Our custom corrugated shipping containers come in many different shapes and thicknesses for food and other products:

  • RSCs (Regulated Slotted Containers) are a box style that offers optimal efficiency for a variety of applications and, when constructed out of corrugated cardboard, are ideal for shipping products that require strength, durability and protection to minimize movement along the distribution route. The flaps on the top of the box meet in the centre, making it quick and easy to open. They are also recyclable and speak to the value of protecting our natural environments.
  • Our FOL (Full Overlap Container) is similar to the RSC; however, the top flap overlaps the lower flap. This provides extra protection during transport and storage. This style of box is notable for its easy closure and increased strength and rigidity, which makes it perfect for stacking.
  • A telescope top and bottom container is a box that consists of two halves. The top section acts as the lid, and is slightly larger than the bottom, allowing it to be slipped over the top easily. This is a useful format if you require protection for all sides of the box. It can also be reused, as it does not always have to be taped shut.
  • Our COW (Cut Out Wrap) is a style of box created from one piece of cardboard. It folds together, providing a close and secure fit and giving the package a sturdy, flat bottom. This makes it perfect for delivering mailers or books.
  • The 5PW (Five Panel Wrap) container, or FPW, is similar to a cut out wrap. It is made from a single piece of cardboard that wraps snugly around the product. With several layers of protection on each end of the box, it is ideal for transporting long, narrow items.
  • Together with our new supplier we can also offer half slotted container, tubes, scored pads, slit scored pads and trays.

Eye-popping and engaging displays that boost sales

RDR Packaging is also excited to work with Mini Donut Express on designing their corrugated floor displays to showcase their donuts. Displays like this are an exciting new growth area for RDR and we are thrilled to work with our suppliers on delivering eye-popping and engaging displays to boost product sales and marketing. We’re also good at custom die cut boxes for beautiful promotional packages. Whether in-store or on the showroom floor, corrugated displays and expertly constructed and uniquely designed boxes with powerful customized silk screen designs and promotional messages are a potent way to have your product seen – and sold.

If you have a packaging problem that needs an efficient, affordable solution, get in touch with RDR today. Give us the problem and we’ll get you the answer for all your packaging needs – from chipboard to corrugated, pallets to tote bags, divider sheets to push-pulls and more. Our consultants are experts that can help you find the best solution to make the most of your packaging. Book an on-site consultation completely free of charge today!

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