food-safety-distributionFood packaging materials must adhere to food safety rules and regulations.

The food and beverage processing sector is a huge part of Ontario’s economy, drawing in $41 billion in revenue every year. With almost 3,000 food processing businesses in the province, there is a huge demand for packaging materials that are high quality, durable and – most importantly – that adhere to ever-tightening food safety rules and regulations.

At RDR, we work hard to supply some of the best food grade packaging materials on the market. In the 25+ years we’ve been operating, we’ve worked with multiple clients from the food industry, learning how to improve our products and services with each new project.

We recognize that, because food processing firms have to jump through every hoop to make sure they meet the appropriate standards of cleanliness and health & safety, it’s only fair for us to do the same.

A Range of Food Grade Packaging Materials at Great Prices

Ever-tightening standards mean that critical components of shipping your products include food grade pallet sheets, tier/divider sheets and pads. RDR only sources from paper mills that produce certifiable food grade chipboard.

Food grade pallet sheets are essential for protecting your products; they’re placed on a wooden pallet first, to protect your product from being contaminated by dust, and loose nails and splinters from the pallet.

Food grade tier/divider sheets are also critical for separating layers of products being shipped in boxes. They stabilize the load and prevent it from falling over during shipping.  Chipboard pads can also offer an extra layer of protection within a box to avoid your food product getting contaminated.

One of our most popular food packaging products is the tote bag. We offer high-quality, woven polypropylene bags that have been certified by both the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and the AIB (American Baking Institute).

Our totes are suitable for transporting coffee, flour, sugar and spices – or any other food product like these you can think of. Click here to read about a spice company that recently took advantage of our heavy-duty tote bags.

With these food grade packaging products in your arsenal, you can rest assured that you are meeting the high safety standards of the food industry.

To find out more about how RDR can provide food grade packaging products to meet your every need, contact us today. RDR’s owner and president Ian Ray can offer help and guidance, no matter what the project!

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