Build consumer confidence as an eco-champion

The first impression you make with your customers is what we’re all about at RDR Packaging.

We know the packaging you choose for your product must be your best face forward. It’s an extension of your brand, representing who you are and why customers prefer you. We also get that for many of them buying green is a priority.

We’re a company dedicated to eco-friendly packaging processes and we’re experts in this field, specializing in packaging constructed from chipboard and corrugated cardboard.

Here’s how we stay eco-friendly

Recycling: making a great first impression, the second time around

Show your customers you care about the environment by using our recyclable packaging products. All packaging made by us is recyclable and can be used to create new paper products. Like you, we hate waste and want to preserve the trees in our natural environment, so we create chipboard and corrugated packaging products that can be sent back to paper mills for re-pulping and recycling. You’ll hit the right chord with customers when they see your product in our eco-friendly paper packaging.

Sustainable packaging practices

We believe sustainable practices are critical to how we do business – everyone has a role to play, even though its not a legal requirement. That’s why we pick our suppliers carefully and only associate ourselves with paper mills, distributors, end users, and waste management companies who are known for their sustainable practices.

Our cardboard materials come from two reputable paper and pulp mills: Sonoco Corporation and Cascades.

Like us, they are committed to sustainable practice and use recycled paper fibres. They buy used cardboard and break it down into pulp which is then used to produce large rolls of brand new cardboard.

The RDR team then transforms these rolls into corrugated and chipboard sheets – the two staples of our packaging service.

The mark of responsible forestry

We are proud to source our paper products from FSC-certified suppliers. It lets our customers know our paper products come from sustainable forests and recycled materials.

  • All Sonoco products are made with 100% reclaimed paper fibre – fully recyclable and can be processed by conventional recycling.
  • Cascades is certified for mixed virgin and recycled fibre products, and blended recycled fibre products. Cascades is also certified by Green Seal, LEED, and EcoLogo.

Eco-friendly packaging materials

At RDR we specialize in using chipboard packaging materials. We favour chipboard because it is light yet durable, versatile for customization and has a refined appearance which makes it suitable for all kinds of applications. It’s also 100% recyclable.

Adding value while protecting the environment

We deliver cost-effective, highly functional eco-friendly packaging solutions to meet all your needs.

  • chipboard boxes and folding cartons
  • tier divider sheets
  • pallet sheets
  • anti-slip sheets
  • push-pull slip sheets
  • chipboard pads
  • corrugated boxes
  • GRIP FIX™ palletizing adhesives 
  • and more!

Chipboard boxes and folding cartons

Sourced from recycled materials, our custom-designed boxes range from plain chipboard to full colour, ideal for showcasing your product or simply protecting it during shipping.

Tier divider sheets

It’s all about reduce, reuse and recycle. A lighter and cheaper option to corrugated tier sheets, our chipboard tier divider sheets save you money, space and time. You can store 1500 chipboard sheets in the same space as 300 corrugated sheets, making it a fantastic option for any business with limited storage space.

  • sourced from eco-friendly papers mills that don’t ever use unsafe materials and chemicals
  • ideal for transporting food and beverages without posing a risk to consumer health.

Anti-Slip Sheets

Our chipboard anti-slip sheets are easy to use, reuse – and recycle!

  • A standard chipboard anti-slip sheet is sized at 37″ x 45″ (compared to a 40″ x 48″ pallet).
  • Simply position the anti-slip sheets between each layer of boxes on the pallet; the sheet grips the boxes in place.
  • Offering superior stabilization, these sheets are perfect for shipping heavy or fragile units.

Push-Pull Slip Sheets

Our efficient and eco-friendly push-pull slip sheets store and ship easily and are an affordable alternative to wooden pallets. Our push-pull slip sheets:

  • are lighter and more flexible
  • ccan be moved by forklift
  • save both money and storage space
  • don’t splinter to cause damage to the product.

Chipboard Pads

These flat pieces of chipboard offer an extra layer of protection for all kinds of product packaging and are created with sustainability in mind.

Versatile, durable and functional, our chipboard pads come in a range of styles, thicknesses and sizes – and at a great price – to meet your every need. We offer brown chipboard, CCNB (Clay Coated News Back), SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate) and Poly coated.

Our chipboard pads can be used as:

  • Added protection for products being shipped in a box
  • A stiffener in a mailer or letter to keep papers straight
  • Layer/divider cards to sit between or around products during shipping

The last word…

Simply put, sustainability comes full circle. Going forward, we will maintain our commitment to eco-friendly materials and processes, continuing to align ourselves with suppliers, distributors and waste management companies that demonstrate good sustainable practices.

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