eco-friendly-sustainable-forestWith the effects of climate change and pollution worsening each year, it’s never been more important for businesses to use sustainable, environmentally-friendly methods, materials, and processes.

At RDR we specialize in packaging constructed from chipboard and corrugated cardboard, both of which are paper products. As a result of this, we’re often asked about our approach towards environmental issues, and how we handle paper materials and produce paper products in an eco-friendly manner.

Here, company owner and president Ian Ray explains the RDR approach to staying eco-friendly…

Are RDR’s packaging materials recyclable?

All packaging products manufactured by RDR Packaging are recyclable, which means they can be recycled to create new paper products. We create chipboard and corrugated packaging products that can be sent back to paper mills for repulping and recycling. All our waste, in other words, has the potential to be transformed into brand new paper products.

Better yet, we source our cardboard materials from two companies that use recycled paper fibres and demonstrate a company commitment to sustainable practices.

Where does RDR source its recycled cardboard?

recylcying-packaging-sustainable-forestsRDR Packaging is supplied by two different paper/pulp mills: Sonoco Corporation and Cascades. Both of these companies buy used cardboard and break it down into pulp, which is then used to produce brand new cardboard.

We buy cardboard directly from Sonoco Corporation and Cascades in large rolls. The RDR team then transform these rolls into corrugated and chipboard sheets – the two staples of our packaging service. We use chipboard and corrugated cardboard to create cost-effective, highly functional pallet sheetstier divider sheets, anti-slip sheets, push-pull slip sheets, corrugated boxes, and chipboard pads – among other things!

Is RDR Packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council?

FSC-Forest-Stewardship-CouncilOur clients often ask us whether we are certified by the FSC. While RDR Packaging is not certified, both our paper suppliers are. It’s incredibly important to us that we source our paper products from FSC-certified companies, as it lets our customers know that our paper products have been sourced from sustainable forests and/or recycled materials.

All Sonoco products are manufactured using 100% reclaimed paper fibre. These are fully recyclable and can be processed by conventional recycling systems. Cascades is certified for two types of products: mixed virgin and recycled fibre products, and blended recycled fibre products. Cascades is also certified by other institutions such as Green Seal, LEED, and EcoLogo.

Is eco-friendly recycling a legal requirement?

No, it’s not a legal requirement, but it is certainly ethical to support sustainable processes. At RDR we believe that for sustainable business practices to work, everyone must play a part. We associate ourselves with paper mills, distributors, end users, and waste management companies who are known for their sustainable practices.

Simply put, sustainability comes full circle! Going forward, we will maintain our commitment to eco-friendly materials and processes, continuing to align ourselves with suppliers, distributors and waste management companies that demonstrate good sustainable practices.

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