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For the past 25 years, Ian Ray and the team at RDR Packaging have been producing quality packaging for customers across Canada. Consider us your one stop shop for all your packaging needs; a place where you can go to get amazing service and premium quality at a seriously competitive price.

Save Thousands of Dollars with RDR’s Chipboard

At RDR, our speciality (and biggest seller) is chipboard packaging. This versatile, cost-effective material can be used to make everything from miniature folding cartons to durable pallet sheets. Recently, we worked with a company that makes packaging inserts for cereal manufacturers. After some research, we found that our mini chipboard pads were the perfect addition to their inserts, offering stability and protection without driving up costs.

We love working with chipboard, not only because it’s high-quality and versatile, but because it’s so affordable – just ask the spice company who are saving $70,000 a year after switching from corrugated pallet sheets to RDR’s chipboard pallet sheets!

Customized Packaging Solutions That Really Work

As well as chipboard, RDR can also supply corrugated boxes, pallet wrap, trays, corner protectors and tote bags suitable for shipping food, seeds, fertilizers and chemicals. A client came to us recently when they started having trouble with their existing tote bags. In response, we designed a brand new bag, using a stronger material and reinforced supports. In this case, we looked at the Return On Investment and advised our client that spending more in the short term would ultimately save their staff hundreds of hours of work, making it the cost-effective choice in the long run.

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