Corrugated Shipping Trays

Corrugated shipping trays are used to safely store products during transport

corrugated_traysOften when you think about packaging materials, you imagine huge shipping containers, vast boxes, and giant stacks of product – in other words, you think about the big stuff. But if we’ve learned anything from our 25+ years in the industry, it’s that you have to pay attention to the little things if you want your business to survive.

That’s why RDR caters to clients who ship small, and often fragile, products that require a different style of packaging and protection. One of our biggest sellers for this type of product is the corrugated shipping tray.

If you haven’t heard of a corrugated shipping tray before you can probably make a good guess at what it is – a sturdy tray that can be used to safely store products during transport. Often used in addition to a wooden pallet, the corrugated shipping tray has become the packaging item of choice for many companies, particularly those that deal with food.

Using corrugated shipping trays in the food industry

The reason that corrugated shipping trays are popular in the food industry is that they offer better protection for soft or fragile food products. When you store small or fragile food stuffs on a wooden pallet, you have to take certain steps to protect your product. Normally you will have to cover the surface of the pallet in a pallet sheet, and then store boxes or containers on top of this.

When you use a shipping tray, this process is streamlined and uses fewer materials. Corrugated shipping trays have a lip running around the outside of the tray, keeping the product securely in place. You can also place your products directly onto the shipping tray, without risking wood splinters or nail puncture (common occurrences when you use wooden pallets).

Corrugated shipping trays are also more lightweight, and therefore are easier to carry, transport and store.

Case Study – The company that switched to shipping trays and never looked back

One of our biggest clients at RDR is a spice-blending company. Over the years, we have helped them save money and improve on quality with our integrated packaging solutions. One of our favourite solutions for this client involved the switch from wooden pallets to shipping trays.

As noted previously, wooden pallets aren’t ideal for small and fragile food products – especially bags of spices that could be punctured by loose nails or sharp pieces of wood. By contrast, our corrugated shipping trays were perfect for storing our client’s smaller bags of spices – and they found that this method of packaging offered all the same protection during transport, with none of the risk.

In this case, we created shipping trays measuring 40 inches x 48 inches, with a lip of 6 inches running around the outside. Our client was so pleased with the product, they currently use about 8,000 of them for shipping spices across Canada every year.

If you think your product could benefit from these lightweight yet durable shipping trays, contact RDR’s Ian Ray today.

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