Corrugated Pallet Wrap

corrugated-pallet-wrapPallet wrap is a cost-effective and storage-friendly packaging solution

Corrugated pallet wrap is a mainstay of the packaging industry. It is used to provide an extra layer of protection when shipping your products on a wooden skid or in a shipping container. RDR can supply any size and thickness of corrugated pallet wrap to meet all you needs.

A standard roll of corrugated pallet wrap is 24 inches wide and 250 feet long. It comes on a roll, and can be pulled away easily like paper towelling.

Best of all? Our wrap is easy to store and you only ever have to use the amount that you need. That makes it an incredibly cost-effective and storage-friendly packaging solution.

Using corrugated pallet wrap

As anyone in the packaging industry can tell you, wooden pallets are problematic when it comes to transporting fragile products. Corrugated pallet wrap is designed to cover wooden pallets, wrapping around the bottom where it can be taped firmly in place. This covers sharp corners and provides protection against splinters and nails.

Tote bags can be particularly vulnerable to damage, and when you’re dealing with food products such as coffee or spices a puncture can be disastrous. By setting your tote bags on a wooden pallet covered in corrugated wrap, you’ll be ensuring the safety of your product.

Ensuring product safety during overseas shipping

Corrugated pallet wrap is ideal for helping to protect your products during overseas shipping. During transport of this kind, pallets and boxes can shift around and hit the side of the shipping container. You can avoid damage by covering all your pallets, and lining the inside of your shipping container with corrugated pallet wrap.

To find out more about our corrugated pallet wrap, contact RDR Packaging’s owner, Ian Ray, today. Ian will be happy to talk you through our product range and discuss how your business could save money with RDR’s  integrated packaging solutions.

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