Corrugated Boxes

One of the key products at the heart of any packaging company is the simple corrugated box.  At RDR we offer a variety of different styles of corrugated boxes, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements. You can use these boxes to ship all kinds of materials and products to your customers.

We are able to produce large and small runs of corrugated boxes. We can also print directly onto your boxes, ensuring that the finished result suits your budget, needs and product perfectly.

regular-slotted-carton-corrugated-boxRegular slotted container (RSC)

The regular slotted container, or RSC, is the most common box style. This is a square or rectangular box that opens at the top.

The flaps on the top of the box meet in the centre, making it quick and easy to open.

This durable style of box is excellent for shipping over long distances.

Full overlap container (FOL)

The full overlap container, or FOL, is similar to the RSC; however, the top flap overlaps the lower flap. This provides extra protection during transport and storage. This style of box is notable for its easy closure and increased strength and rigidity, which makes it perfect for stacking.

Telescope top & bottom container

full-telescope-corrugated-boxA telescope top & bottom container is a box that consists of two halves. The top section acts as the lid, and is slightly larger than the bottom, allowing it to be slipped over the top easily.

This is a useful format if you require protection for all sides of the box. It can also be reused, as it does not always have to be taped shut.

Cut out wrap (COW)

A cut out wrap, or COW, is a style of box created from one piece of cardboard. It folds together, providing a close and secure fit and giving the package a sturdy, flat bottom. This makes it perfect for delivering mailers or books.

Five panel wrap (FPW)

5panel-wrap-corrugated-boxA five panel wrap container, or FPW, is similar to a cut out wrap.

It is made from a single piece of cardboard that wraps snugly around the product.

With several layers of protection on each end of the box, it is ideal for transporting long, narrow items.

Custom-designed die cuts & displays

RDR can also provide you with custom die cut boxes and displays to meet your specific design requirements

Additional packaging materials

If you’re shipping a large number of corrugated boxes and you require extra protection for your products, look into our tier divider sheets, pallet sheets and corner post edge protectors.

Pallet sheets can be laid on top of wooden pallets to protect boxes from damage. Tier divider sheets, meanwhile, are inserted into stacks of boxes to give them greater stability. Corner post edge protectors can be fitted on the 4 sides of palletized boxes, keeping them rigid and preventing damage during transportation.

Have you heard about our chipboard boxes?

Along with corrugated boxes, RDR also supplies chipboard boxes and folding cartons. Chipboard boxes can be less expensive compared to corrugated boxes and can be designed to meet your every need and budget

To find out more about our corrugated boxes, or chipboard boxes and cartons, contact RDR’s Ian Ray today.

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