Tier Divider Sheets

Chipboard makes for a stronger, lighter and cheaper tier divider sheet


At RDR, we specialise in chipboard packaging. It is our material of choice because it is strong, light, thin and cheap. When you replace corrugated tier sheets with chipboard tier sheets, you can save on money, space and time. In fact, you can store 1500 chipboard sheets in the same space as 300 corrugated sheets – which means chipboard is a fantastic option for any business with limited storage space.

We also source all our chipboard only from paper mills that we know don’t ever use unsafe materials and chemicals. This means that the material can safely be used to transport food and beverages without posing a risk to consumer health.

Go green with environmentally friendly tier divider sheets

Our tier sheets can be a great environmentally friendly option for any company with a green conscience, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. This is particularly true when it comes to our chipboard tier divider sheets. Because of the strength and durability of chipboard, it can be used in a more cost-effective and space-saving manner.

Case Study – How one cereal manufacturer made the most of our tier divider sheets

Recently, we worked with a major cereal manufacturer that regularly ships food products across North America. They wanted to cut back on the price and increase the quality of their packaging, so they came to RDR.

We found that they were placing several cereal boxes into a larger box, and then stacking multiple layers of these larger boxes on wooden pallets. The problem was a lack of stability – the stacked boxes came to over five feet high and were at risk of toppling.

After taking some measurements, we decided upon a solution; we would supply them with tier sheets slightly smaller than the wooden pallet they were using to stack their boxes. We advised that they insert these tier sheets after every three layers of boxes, to provide more stability to the stack.

Transported with these tier sheets in place, the boxes were far more secure, and less likely to topple, which – as we all know – can be a major headache and cost money. As a result, everyone was happy. In fact, this particular client was so pleased they now use 60,000 of our tier divider sheets every year!

It’s amazing what can be achieved just by thinking through different ways of streamlining and improving existing and long established business processes. You can contact RDR owner, Ian Ray, at any time for more information on our product range, our services, and how we can help your company increase efficiency and save money.

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