Push-Pull Slip Sheets

A cost-effective, space-saving alternative to wooden pallets

pushpullsheet2Traditionally, wooden pallets are used to sh­ip boxes and tote bags. Though wood is durable and long-lasting, wooden pallets can be heavy and can take up large amounts of space; in some cases the wood can even splinter, causing damage to the product.

With our efficient and eco-friendly push-pull slip sheets, you have an affordable alternative to the wooden pallet.

Store and Ship Products Easily

Our chipboard push-pull slip sheets work in the same way as wooden pallets. They are used for storage and shipping; boxes or bags are stacked on top of the sheet and the sheet is moved around with a forklift.

The key difference between push-pull slip sheets and wooden pallets is that slip sheets are made from chipboard, which means they are light and flexible, and can save on both money and storage space.

Eco-Friendly Materials

At RDR we specialize in using chipboard packaging materials. We favour chipboard because it is light yet durable, and has a refined appearance which makes it suitable for all kinds of applications.

To ensure that we remain eco-friendly as a company, we source the materials for our chipboard products from two paper/pulp mills that have a commitm­­ent to using recycled materials. We also send leftover materials for recycling to minimize waste.

Using Push-Pull Slip Sheets

Our chipboard push-pull slip sheets look like standard chipboard pallet sheets with two “lips” on two adjacent sides; these lips allow the sheet, and the boxes it is carrying, to be moved around easily.

A typical push-pull slip sheet is 40″ x 48″ with two 3″ wide lips on either side (making the outside dimension 43″ x 51″). However, RDR Packaging can design any size or caliper of sheet to meet your specific shipping needs; some loads will require a larger or heavier sheet to accommodate the product.

The only requirement for using push-pull slip sheets is a forklift attachment which allows you to pick up the load by gripping the lips.

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