Pallet Sheets

RDR Packaging specializes in chipboard pallet sheets in any size and thickness to meet your needs.

palletsheetA pallet sheet sits between the wooden pallet and your product whether it is shipped in boxes, tote bags or directly on the pallet itself.

A pallet sheet provides vital protection for your products from the negative effects of dust that can accumulate, and nails which might protrude from a wooden pallet to puncture your product packaging.

In order to comply with CFIA, FDA and BRC standards most food companies need to use a pallet sheet to properly protect their product during the shipping process.

RDR Packaging provides pallet sheets in various sizes to meet all your needs.

The majority of companies use a full size 40” x 48” pallet sheet to cover the entire surface of a standard 40” x 48” pallet since this offers the greatest area coverage. Other companies use a smaller size (for example 38” x 46”) due to the configuration of their products on the skid-this size can be more cost effective compared to a 40” x 48” pallet sheet and can provide a suitable level of protection. Other companies that ship on a 44” x 56” pallet (mostly to the United States) need a 44” x 56” size sheet-RDR Packaging can supply this size as well.

RDR Packaging also provides pallet sheets in various thicknesses (or calipers) depending on how much weight is put on a skid.

An 18 pt. thickness (18 1,000ths of an inch) sheet is standard as it combines the right amount of thickness with the most cost effective material. Other companies such as seed and fertilizer producers require a thicker sheet (24 pt. up to 45 pt.) as the weight of their product on the skid can be much more than standard weights. RDR Packaging can also provide pallet sheets from 60 pt. up to 120 pt. thickness for those companies such as bulk fertilizer producers that ship heavy tote bags on a skid.

Case Study-How RDR Packaging can reduce your packaging costs

One way RDR Packaging has helped its customers is by identifying where a different product can perform the same job at a better price.  One large slip sheet customer was using a 40″ x 48″ corrugated pallet sheet.  During a plant tour we noticed this and suggested a chipboard pallet sheet as an alternative.  We converted them to a chipboard pallet sheet and ended up saving them 30% or $50,000 per year-they remain a valued long term customer 10 years later!

Contact RDR Packaging to help you determine the size and thickness of pallet sheet that will best work for you!

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