Corner Post Edge Protectors

Use extra protection while transporting products over long distances

corner-post-edge-protectorAfter over 25 years in the industry, RDR Packaging understands that when transporting materials or products, it’s best to plan for the worst circumstances, and mitigate risk by being overly cautious. That’s why, along with our tier divider sheets, pallet sheets and boxes, we supply additional packaging materials such as corner post edge protectors.

You might not have heard of corner post edge protectors before, but if you’re in the business of transporting your own products over long distances, it might be time to get acquainted.

Corner post edge protectors are very strong, rigid pieces of laminated chipboard that fit onto the 4 corners of palletized boxes. They are shaped at a right-angle so that they can easily be slipped over the corners of square or rectangular boxes. They offer not only structural support to boxes and storage containers, but also protection against any damage and wear-and-tear that might occur during transport.

At RDR, we can supply chipboard corner post edge protectors in any caliper or length, meaning they can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Case Study – How we helped a coffee manufacturer transporting product over long distances

One of our current customers is a coffee manufacturer. They transport their coffee over very long distances, from Ontario to British Columbia and Alberta. Since their product is delivered in trucks, their containers require a lot of stability during transport.

In this case, the client required corner posts that measured 3 feet long and 3 inches x 3 inches wide. They wanted to use these corner posts to help stabilize stacks of boxes being transported on wooden pallets.

We took the brief away and came back with enough rigid chipboard corner posts to fit every stack. Not only did these corner protectors help keep the stack from slipping or falling over, they also held the boxes in place and prevented damage to the materials and products.
We were more than happy to help – after all, when you’re dealing with a food product like coffee, you can’t afford to spring any leaks!

Ordering corner post edge protectors

corner-post-edge samplesIf you transport large, heavy or fragile boxes on a truck, train, plane or ship, and you’re concerned about the safety of your product, look no further than our corner edge protectors. They will add that extra bit of protection, no matter what kind of packaging material you are using, or what product you are transporting.

It’s a small change that will give you true peace of mind. Contact RDR owner Ian Ray today to find out more.

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