Anti-Slip Sheets

Stabilize packages in transit with our chipboard anti-slip sheets

dividersheetWhen shipping boxes, the protection of the contents is paramount. If you ship your own product you’ll know that there are various packaging solutions you can use to ensure safety and security – but have you ever considered chipboard anti-slip sheets?

Stabilize Boxes During Shipping

Our anti-slip sheets are designed for companies that require a higher level of load stabilization for their boxes or bags during shipping. They are thinner in caliper than tier or divider sheets (6pt. to 8pt.), which means they can save on storage space. At the same time, these thin and flexible sheets add extra protection to the product because they are coated with a special anti-slip layer; this layer allows the boxes or bags being shipped to “grip” onto the sheet and stay in place.

Recycled Chipboard

At RDR, our drive to improve our eco-friendly practices has led us to work with two paper/pulp mills with a clear sustainable track record. Sonoco Corporation and Cascades are two mills based in Canada that utilize recycled cardboard materials to produce their own products.

We buy recycled cardboard from Sonoco and Cascades in large rolls, and transform this material into our chipboard and corrugated cardboard. We use chipboard to make a huge number of products, including our anti-slip sheets.

At the end of production, unwanted material is sent for recycling, ensuring that no cardboard is going to waste.

Using Anti-Slip Sheets

A standard chipboard anti-slip sheet is sized at 37″ x 45″ (compared to a 40″ x 48″ pallet), and is fantastically easy to reuse and recycle. If you are shipping products that require extra stabilization due to being particularly heavy or fragile, you’ll find it easy to use anti-slip sheets. Simply stack your boxes on the pallet and position the anti-slip sheets in between each layer; the cardboard will grip onto the sheet, keeping the boxes in place.

If you aren’t sure whether anti-slip sheets are for you, contact the team at RDR Packaging today. We can help you determine whether anti-slip sheets suit your needs and budget.

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