packaging spicesCustomers approach us all the time with different needs and expectations. Some want a new storage item designed. Others are seeking alternative packaging solutions that will work better for their company. Most often, though, we speak to people who want to make savings without compromising on quality.

Recently, we came up with a high-quality packaging solution for a spice company… and ended up saving them a huge amount of money.

Getting a Bang for your Buck – with Chipboard

When we first met with this company, we found that they were using corrugated pallet sheets as a protective barrier between their product and the skids (this is done to prevent contamination of the product during transport).

While there’s nothing wrong with the practice of using corrugated sheets, we could tell straight away that they were overspending. Drawing on our packaging expertise and years of experience, we advised that they make the switch to chipboard pallet sheets. The reason for this was two-fold; not only are corrugated sheets more expensive than chipboard, they’re also less efficient. Chipboard sheets are stronger and thinner, which means they can be stored far more easily. In fact, you could store over 1000 chipboard sheets in the same space as 300 corrugated sheets.

The decision to switch may seem like the obvious thing to do, but our conscientious customer was keen not to rush into anything. So we decided to go away and run the numbers, and when we realized what we could save our customer, we knew they’d find it hard to resist!

chipboard-pallet-sheetsA Simple Switch that Led to a $70,000 Saving

The spice company in question were transporting vast amounts of product every year, meaning they had a huge demand for pallet sheets.

When we looked at how many sheets they were using, and examined the difference in price between corrugated pallet sheets and chipboard pallet sheets, we realized we could save them an incredible amount of money – over $70,000 every year.

Confronted with a figure like that, our customer was more than happy to sign on the dotted line and start making orders of chipboard pallet sheets. Ten years on, they’re still with us!

Packaging Solutions that Really Work

With this particular project, though we understood that saving money was a top priority, we also knew that we couldn’t let our customer simply cut corners with an inferior product.

Luckily for us, our chipboard sheets are both cost-effective and high quality. What’s more, we offer them in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, which can be adapted depending on a company’s specific needs (e.g. the weight of the product).

If you’re seeking a tailored packaging solution that will help streamline your production line while saving you money, why not contact RDR’s Ian Ray for a consultation? We can supply custom printed boxespallet sheets, and storage tote bags, to name just a few! Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll go out of our way to supply the best quality at the lowest price.

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