CASE STUDY: A ton of reasons to consider GRIP FIX™ for your warehousing and shipping needs

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Integrated Packaging Solutions, GripFix

In these uncertain economic times, the experts will tell you that forward-looking companies who innovate and partner with trusted suppliers will not only survive the world-wide storm, but also emerge stronger.

These global innovators seize every opportunity to transform their operations and level up their competitive advantage with leading edge processes and eco-friendly practices. They put their faith in suppliers, like RDR Packaging, that share their passion for innovation, sustainability and the environment.

For one of our customers there were literally tons of reasons why working with RDR Packaging and its game-changing GRIP FIX™ palletizing solution, made good sense.  As a leading food product developer, the company ships an extremely wide range of different sized bags of rubs, marinades, spices and seasoning blends to major restaurants and fast-food chains, processors, distributors, and retailers around the globe.

Cost-savings, streamlined processes and sustainability – it’s a win-win!

We introduced them to GRIP FIX™, a new cost-effective and eco-friendly palletizing adhesive we offer that prevents products from shifting dangerously on skids during transport, dramatically reduces work effort, easily meets stringent FDA regulations for foodstuff packaging and is environmentally friendly – which was very important to this customer.

After a cost analysis of their shrink wrapping and pallet loading process, we showed them how using GRIP FIX™ amounted to a savings of approximately $33,000 over a year for packaging their spice blends.  It costs significantly less than shrink film, stretch film or strap.

They had been applying the traditional method of stretch wrapped pallets to ship their product, but recognized some of the limitations: extra staff resources needed to wrap the pallets multiple times, workplace safety issues, material costs of the wrap, uneven loads of packaging that slipped off, as well as miles of plastic that wasn’t easily recyclable, clogged up garbage bins and ended up sitting in landfill for decades.

Instead of using stretch wrap, which is expensive and an environmental nightmare, we demonstrated how forty bags of their product could be safely and securely placed on one skid – eight layers of five bags in each layer – without wrapping, thanks to the GRIP FIX™ breakthrough anti-skid control system. The GRIP FIX system applies a powerful yet pliable adhesive that holds packaging safely and securely in place on pallets and keeps the pallet stable, both in the warehouse and during transit. Even if just one bag sits alone at the top, the stack will not move.

Pallet load stability is one of the most critical aspects in transporting products. Poorly stacked or loosely wrapped loads on a pallet can shift during handling and cause damage. Shifts can lead to uneven weight distribution that strains forklifts, risks toppling over and creates safety hazards for employees – not to mention the resulting insurance costs.

The system scored points with our customer for being eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic and water-soluble – all elements that reduce their company’s environmental footprint even more and should boost their ecovadis rating.

A perfect solution for everything from the most delicate spices to the heaviest cement

The system is pretty impressive. Even the heaviest packaging, like cement and grout bags, will not shift. GRIP FIX™ just won’t let go. In theory, there’s no need to use stretch wrap. Meanwhile, these same packages can be easily lifted when its time to unload.

Take a look at the striking technology in this short video.

GRIP FIX™ anti-slip agents for pallets are water-soluble, solvent-free adhesives for securing pallet loads and are ideal for propylene bags, paper bags, cartons, cellophane-packed items, polypropylene woven bags or small packages. It meets the needs of a wide range of industries and companies looking to boost their operations and profitability. For example, the construction industry, known for its heavy, challenging work, is also profoundly dedicated to safety, sustainability, ethical business practices and the environment. It’s a perfect fit for GRIP FIX™ which offers ideal solutions in transporting heavy loads of cement and grout, coatings and other building materials. One company we are working with has relied on us for some time to offer them the most trusted solution to their warehousing and shipping needs.  The company transports its first-rate adhesives, sealants and chemical products around the world and depends on the strength and stability of RDR Packaging’s superior bags. We think they can be even more successful by using the GRIP FIX™ system, instead of their current shrink wrap process. We’ve done the math and can show that it could save them thousands of dollars each year, reduce their environmental footprint through the system’s eco-efficiency and boost their reputation as a leader in the ‘greening’ of the construction industry.

To learn how your company can benefit from GRIP FIX™ or any of RDR Packaging’s world-class solutions – from chipboard to corrugated, pallets to tote bags, divider sheets to push-pulls and more, contact us today to book a complimentary on-site consultation.

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