8 Top Trends In integrated Packaging

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Integrated Packaging Solutions

Automation, disruptive technologies, global economic pressures and climate change – they’re all megatrends affecting today’s consumer behaviours that your business needs to stay ahead of.

It’s a tall order, but the trends out there also tell us that packaging can make all the difference, giving you the edge that you need to succeed in this highly competitive market. 

In deciding how best to box your product, we’d like to offer you some insights into the top trends in integrated packaging impacting the consumer goods market today. 

Less is more.

Packaging materials are getting thinner and lighter with demand for smaller more convenient space-saving containers and improvements in design. That’s why our packaging material of choice is chipboard.

Not only is chipboard more affordable than corrugated packaging, it also takes up less room in a warehouse. For example, 2,000 chipboard sheets can be stored in the same space as 500 corrugated sheets. This versatile, cost-effective material can be used to make everything from miniature folding cartons to durable pallet sheets. It’s this sort of in-depth knowledge that allows us to offer the best advice and solutions to our customers.

Eco-friendly packaging, improving recyclability and the rise of sustainable materials.

Growing environmental concerns are driving consumer behaviours. Just look at McDonald’s Big Mac packaging which went from a Styrofoam clamshell to a biodegradable paper-based container.  

Better and easier recycling of packaging, emphasis on recycled materials in new packaging and stringent adherence to sustainable practices and FSC-certification, align with your customer value chain and speak to your commitment to sustainability.

At RDR we believe sustainable practices are tantamount to how we do business, so we work with carefully selected FSC-certified suppliers to deliver cost-effective, highly functional eco-friendly packaging solutions to meet all your needs.

Growth in customized packaging

We’ve also seen greater customization of packaging for promotional campaigns. The investment that companies make into high impact campaigns means that a “one size fits all” approach will not work. That’s why RDR supplies a wide range of different packaging products, ranging from custom-made tote bags and custom-printed boxes, to chipboard pallet sheets and corner post edge protectors. In short, there’s something for everyone.

Shift to bulk tote bags

More people on the planet, means there are more mouths to feed. As a result, the food industry is booming and so is consumer expectation when it comes to food quality and security. Food Grade bags that are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and AIB (American Institute of Bakers) certified, like those offered by RDR are quickly becoming the packaging of choice for shipping products such as coffee, flour or sugar. There’s also a growing need for bulk shipment totes for such materials as agricultural fertilizer, chemicals, powders, and grindings.

Large shipment packaging

With cargo ships being the cheapest means of moving dry bulk across great distances, it’s no wonder these behemoths are becoming bigger.  In those cavernous holdstravelling across great distances, your precious cargo must have extra protection. It’s the kind of protection and support you get from custom-sized corner post edge protectors, like the ones we produce, along with our tier divider sheets, pallet sheets and boxes.

Optimizingcustom design packaging for e-commerce

Retailers and brands are investing in high-quality graphics on both the exterior and inside the package.

Packaging trends confirm that the front of a folding carton is increasingly seen as a billboard that must quickly identify the brand and the unique selling proposition with clear visual cues.  We’ve recognized this and offer a range of folding cartons and customizable printing. Sourced from recycled materials, our custom-designed boxes range from plain chipboard to full colour, ideal for showcasing your product or simply protecting it during shipping.

The e-customer experience

When ordering a product on line, there’s no store ambience, sales staff or other purchasing prompts to sway customers, so packaging becomes essential to creating a customer’s ‘unboxing’ experience. This has led to unique designs in folding cartons.

Packaging has become the store display

Discount retailers and convenience stores are increasingly bypassing traditional shelfing and avoiding the need to unpack products, opting instead to display them in the boxes and shipping containers in which they arrived. This trend points to the value of better branded boxes and cartons to help single out your product from others.

If you have a packaging problem that needs an efficient, affordable solution, get in touch with RDR today. You can book an on-site consultation completely free of charge.We can help you make wise spending decisions and careful investments, which will help grow your company’s revenue in the long-term.

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