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    Chipboard Packaging

    Chipboard is a very versatile material and cost effective too!

    Whether you need a pallet sheet or tier/divider sheet to protect your shipments on a pallet, or you want a high end multi-colour box to showcase your product, consider chipboard as an alternative to corrugated.

    Integrated Packaging

    What would it mean to you to have easy and timely access to packaging solutions that work?

    How frustrating is it to be constantly under pressure to reduce packaging costs?

    How hard is it when you have trouble …

    Tote Bags

    Whether you need a CFIA or AIB certified tote bag to ship your food products such as coffee, flour or sugar, or you need a tote bag to ship your seeds, fertilizer of powdered chemicals, RDR Packaging can meet all your tote bag needs.

    We offer Woven Polypropylene bulk bags/tote bags for all applications …

    Integrated Packaging
    Solutions for your
    Chipboard and Corrugated
    packaging products.

    Quick TIP at a GLANCE

    Corrugated cardboard is thicker and sturdier, which means it is ideal for storing and transporting large, heavy items. Chipboard is thinner and smoother, which means it has a more attractive appearance.
    Integrated Packaging Solutions
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    Certain companies have a “one size fits all” approach to packaging, but at RDR we believe that the needs of every business are different. That’s why we supply a wide range of different packaging products, ranging from custom-made tote bags and custom-printed boxes, to chipboard pallet sheets and corner post edge protectors. Eco friendly product packaging

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